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Expert Forum Regulations

Postby EPlatformTeam » Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:04 pm

1. The Expert Forum (EF) is a part of the E-Platform created in the framework of the project 'E-Platform for Neighbourhood' (Project), funded by the European Union and implemented by the College of Europe Natolin Campus (CoEN).
2. The EF provides, to all registered users, a free-of-charge place for exchange of information, ideas and opinions related to the theme of the Project. The Forum is administered and moderated by the Project staff.
3. EF users must obey the 'Terms and Conditions of the Use of E-Platform' and the present Regulations. They are also obliged to follow the advice and recommendations of EF administrators and moderators.
4. All posts published on the EF must be written in English. Any posts written in a language other than English may be removed without notice.
5. The posts published by the users must be related to the theme of the Project and to the themes of the topics published by the moderators. The only exceptions are posts published in the 'Hyde Park' forum which may be related to to any subject but must be in accordance with the other rules of these Regulations.
6. It is prohibited to publish and distribute online commercial content (e.g. advertisements, PR messages and advertising links). Moderators have the right to subjective, evaluation of posts or links and to remove them. All forms of spam will be eliminated.
7. It is prohibited to re-publish the recurring themes in the same or different forums or topics.
8. The statements published by users on the EF must not:
* urge to commit crimes, be contrary to the principles of social coexistence, call for racial, religious or ethnic hatred, or promote violence;
* contain obscene or offensive content;
* violate the rules of netiquette;
* violate copyright, trademark or other legal rights of any third party or encourage the purchase or use of illegal software;
* contain viruses or any other destructive solutions.
9. CoEN is not responsible for the content of the posts published on the forum.
10. Every EF user shall be solely responsible to the CoEN and third parties for posting on the EF statements that violate the conditions set out in these Regulations.
11. The EF administration has the right to control the content of users' posts and statements and to modify them, or to delete posts that violate the conditions set out in these Regulations.
12. CoEN reserves the right to disclose user identity or any information given by him/her during registration at the request of an authorized body if criminal or civil proceedings were initiated against the user in relation to his/her activity on the EF.
13. The EF administration reserves the right to block access to the forum of users who have violated the rules of these Regulations.
14. Registered users agree to receive e-mails from the EF administrators and moderators. By marking appropriate option in 'User Control Panel' user agree to receive private e-mails from the other EF users.
15. Persons wishing to carry out any survey for scientific work involving the EF users are requested to contact the EF administration to obtain a permission to publish an appropriate notice.
16. CoEN reserves the right to modify these Regulations. Any changes will become effective upon their publication on this page.

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